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You have just entered the university. Congrats! Now a new life of yours is beginning without parental control.
What to expect from a campus life? This period of your youth is supposed to be one of the most bright and amazing because of doing great things. You are able to visit clubs, meet new people, go out, fond of music, go in for sport, etc.
But be ready that studying at university means both fun and hard working. Your direct obligations are to prepare personal research papers, visit lectures, pass exams and finally graduate educational institution with high marks. No one will help you. Does he?

aid219295-728px-Write-an-Academic-Essay-Step-1A real help for students

Have you ever heard about special companies which specialize on academic or business writing? They are supposed to assist not only students but also small and large enterprises. One of them is 4students.
At their official website company insists on professionalism and experience in academic papers. They are working with a motto ‘Simple as 1-2-3’. How to clear up is it true or common lies? Be very attentive and investigate 4 Students using several criteria.

How much money you have to pay?

First you are interested in the level of pricing. Depending on it you can consider is your scholarship enough to study or not.
At 4students.us you are proposed with large variety of choice. And the final price of each essay will depend on deadline, type of work and its length. As more time the author will have the less money you need to pay. Their prices are different. For instance, if you are still studying at school and ordering a book review it will cost $20-$30. But this paper work will be finished in 2 weeks. If you have an urgent task the price will increase to $44-$66.
Comparing prices on writing papers market you’ll find out it is pretty expensive. You can order such an essay in 30-40 per cent less than at 4students. But if you are not short of money you can spend as more as you like.

What additional features does company propose?

collThere are several unique features of 4students.us. They propose clients additional services for additional fees. For example, if you want your paper work to be written by advanced author the price will raise on 25 per cent. But the question appears: if you don’t buy this feature your essay will be done by unexpected writer?
Also you can order proofreading by editor. It will cost plus 15 per cent in additional. It means in general all papers are not examined by editors.
Need a digital copy of your essay? Then you have to pay extra $9.99 for it.

To write not only for money

You can find a blog at 4students. It is a great opportunity to find more useful information about types of assignments or essays, the destination of each paper works, recommendations in ordering, and so on.
They had started publishing posts, but till now only 1 article have appeared on corporate blog. It was written on the 2nd of January in 2015. More than year has passed and nothing new appeared.

The statistics to be proud of

coll_esHow many pages do authors at 4 students produce every month? In average this number goes to 10 thousand. It’s not surprise because more than 232 authors are working there.
This company posted at their website interesting data which can ensure potential customers to order essays at 4students. According to their statistics company believes they are supposed to be the best in writing.
Managers have counted that in average all works gain the mark B+. It’s a good result but not the best comparing to the price clients have to pay for it.
You are convinced 4students.us deliver works in time. But sometimes force majeure situation happens and all plans ruin. By this reason 98.76 per cent of orders were delivered before deadline.
If you need an essay or other academic paper the 4 Students team can perform it for you. But be ready for several problems with proofreading and high pricing.
Also take a look that only academic writing is available. If you need any business text you should probably seek for company with wider array of services.

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