GradeMiners Review

Writing papers is not a simple thing someone may think for the first sight. You may know every rule in grammar, have endless dictionary, but create boring statements. What to do in this case if you are a student and your professor made you write papers several times per month? First of all, grin and bear. Great writers such as Jack London, Walter Scott, and Rudyard Kipling could not ever become outstanding if they have no talent.

The same happens with an average student. Some of them like and can write and some of them can’t. It is eternal fact. Another thing is how you are going to solve the situation. To get good mark without great efforts look at It is a big platform that is proud of having more than 1200 writers with advanced degrees. Such company may be quite helpful for modern students. To decide if it is worth your time and money read the following GradeMiners review. To make it much more informative we will describe 3 the most popular customer questions, which demonstrate its advantages and disadvantages.

How much the papers cost?

There is no equal price for all types of writing. So there are 3 main factors that influence on Grade Miners pricing:

  • deadline. As more you can wait as lower price you must pay. For instance, the lowest price is $14.90 per page, and you will get your paper in 20 days. If you need it very quickly, then be ready to pay $36.95 per page.
  • length of paper. At the website you can notice fees for 1 page, but in general standard papers start with 2-3 pages. If you order big research paper it may take even 20 pages.
  • your level. For instance, a standard essay for college student will cost much lower than a research paper for doctor of philosophy.

In general the pricing starts with $14.90. According to our experience it is in 1.5 times higher than an average fee at other companies. So maybe most students can’t afford such services.

GradeMiners review

What is my guaranty?

First of all it is a company reputation. No one will risk with several hundred dollars. Also you may think about the general rating. In case this company had 9.5 out of 10 quality score you have nothing to worry about. According to their statistics the GradeMiners has more than 150 completed orders per day. It is really impressive, so you can easily rely on this writing team.

But the best guaranty is special SSL script, which protects customers from sharing their personal data with other people. The  hasn’t such advantage, but ensure people in own safety. Having only standard protection this website can’t protect clients on the full.

What are my additional facilities?

The GradeMiners allows getting nice discount for your first order – 15 per cent. So it is really awesome if you are going to order several papers at once. Unfortunately, there is no delivery option, so each customer has to make it by their own. Frankly speaking this company has high prices for their services, so it is really uncomfortable to download it by your own. Try to find a writing company that provides customers with automatic delivery.

Nowadays video reviews are very popular, because demonstrate how the service did help a real customer. In this case Grade Miners has several recorded feedbacks where people praise its services and quality. It is very cogent, so every new customer will be sure in fairness of this company and never be afraid of cheating.

Thanks to good customer support all clients can solve their issues very quick. To contact them use email, phone, or live chat. There are 5 people in customer support that are available time after time at hours of labor

The Grade Miners tied to be comfortable so it proposes wide array of payment including Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard. You may also see its corporate Facebook page and review the history of updates. Besides interesting posts you may be impressed with great amount of subscribers. Facebook page shows they have almost 7000 of people you liked their page.

As you can see this service had a lot of advantages, but its pricing is much higher than an average one. If you aspire to save a little money you may better look for someone else. Of course it has some facilities to be proud of but most of them will not be available for average students because of prices.

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